Who we are

Goldsmiths designer of excellence since 1962 with a lot of passion and dedication starting from his father and continuing with his sons high quality artisans, pattern makers, cutters of precious stones:
from the design with a cutting idea, studied for a long time to fascinate our audience even more, and then complete the cutting edge jewel with gold surrounded by hand-set brilliants.

Published in the best fashion magazines for free and rewarded at industry exhibitions, we carry forward an art of creating jewelry with continuous research to produce and transmit happiness … or something that positively stimulates their desire to observe and intrigue themselves to the beauty.

We can offer you, with our skills and experience, a creativity in the production of unique handmade jewelry in avant-garde lines.

Each piece is designed, studied to be meaningful and communicate the ideas and the style of our times. We make with gold, platinum, palladium, silver and precious stones of all kinds, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sea water, quartz with unique cuts studied before; designed and executed from raw material.

Our jewels are never repeated, so each customer will have an exclusive and guaranteed model.

“Domenichetti Gioielli, a goldsmith workshop of Valenza, presents a new line of design engagement rings.

Goldsmith artisans with a plate of excellence from the Piedmont Region, in addition to the creation of engagement rings and wedding can perform work of cutting precious stones, embedding, design, pattern makers, goldsmiths, published for free in the best fashion magazines and awarded at the industry fairs.”

“The 3dg Domenichetti bracelet, an impertinent, very light, platinum construction that flowers in aquamarine set in transparency and freedom and surrounded by a border of diamonds, and the earrings of Mondial Coral that unexpectedly and very modernly combines another important natural element, the coral, with a free form of pure light in platinum and diamonds ”

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Awards and Exhibition Reviews

First prize Leoncino Vicenza 1985

Second Prize Valenza 1988

Second Prize Valenza 2002

Vicenza 1976-2000

Valenza 1980-1985

Milano 1985-1995

Basilea 1985-1986

Recognition of Handmade Excellence

The Exhibition of 18 December 2001 was the result of a long, complex and at the same time stimulating and innovative work in actualization of the provisions of Chapter IV of the Unique Text on Craftsmanship.

The recognition of “Handmade Excellence” has become a concrete and significant reality for 49 Companies of the Precious Metal Sector, tough stones and Similar works and of the Ceramics Sector in possession of the requirements set by the specific Disciplinary Commissions of Production.

The universe of artistic craftsmanship was expanded and enriched, of which the companies of the Wood Sectors and Restoration of Ligneo are already part of it, which, within the same event, some 50 artisans have been recognized.

We therefore believe we are doing something that would be appreciated by sending you the award of artisan excellence